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Thank you for visiting. We provide tax preparation and accounting services. Our goal is to provide personalized, quality service in a professional and friendly manner. We welcome all reaturning clients, as well as new ones. If you have visited taximumonline.com before you may have notice our site has gone through some changes. In order to provide you with the best quality service we have loaded our site with much more useful information, links, options to better assist you this tax season.

As your receive your 2018 tax documents, please collect them and organize them to ensure that you have all the documents necessary to file your taxes this year.

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We perform our service to our clients in a quickly and systematic form. We strive for accuracy and complete the service we promise to provide.


Certified professionals who remain up to date with current and new tax laws. Using relible sources and software.


Every client is considered a value member or our taximum family and is treated with respect. Our service is specific and individualized to each customer to ensure complete satisfaction.


One of our most important aspect of our service is to keep your personal information confidential.



Experienced tax professionals with individual and corporate tax. Taximum has being providing tax and accounting services for several years and our list of clients keep growing.